Stara Rzeka is located in the heart of the Tuchola Forest, in the Wda River valley. Itís a dreamland for people that enjoy forests and peaceful environments.
Stara Rzeka is a part of Wda Scenery Park, due to the areas uniqueness. The water in the Wda river is of first class purity, this is a popular salmon region and canoeing route. Tuchola is one of the largest forests in Poland, where you can find wildlife (deer, wild boar, etc.) in their natural habitat. It is also a perfect hide-away for unique species such as beavers, waders and otters. The pine forests have a lot of undergrowth in season.

Our houses are situated on 40 acres of land along the Wda River. Rich vegetation intensifies this picturesque scenery with magnificent hills surrounded by a system of lakes. Large areas of the primeval nature have been included in the protective ordinance as wildlife preserve or scenery parks.
The most interesting of which include:
   ᕀ Yew-tree preserve at Lake Mukurz near Wierzchlas Forest
   ᕀ Archeological and natural preserve "Stone Circles" in Odry
   ᕀ Primary leafy forest preserve at Szczerkowo near Tlen
   ᕀ "Crooked Wheel" Range at Błędno Forest
   ᕀ Waterfowl preserve

In the backwoods and nurseries endangered species such as: eagle, osprey, crane, silent swan, heron, grouse, eagle owl and gray stork can be spotted.
Rich vegetation and wild animals, clean air and waters invite nature lovers, anglers and water sports enthusiasts to come and relax at Stara Rzeka.




rivers and lakes nearby
tourist routes
natural spring drinking water
hunting grounds

For our guests use

outdoor swimming pool 6m x 12m
(available from June 26 to August 30)
volleyball/Badminton area
gazebo with barbecue
outdoor fireplace
fenced parking space
trout smokehouse



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